At most day spas you’ll find a menu of massage services. But at the SPA, the only choice you have to make for your massage is how long you want your session to last. That’s because we believe that most of the time, a single massage technique doesn’t “fit all”.

Our licensed massage therapist work in a team with medical doctor to provide you with best possible massage for your current health condition. Please don’t be afraid to express your concerns and requests to our therapists to make your visit pleasurable and receive the best of what we have to offer. We offer not just relaxing massage, but have tools such as therapeutic ultrasound, electrical stimulation and other equipment to provide therapeutic massage.

If you know you like Swedish, Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, or any other specific technique, you are welcome to request it when you book- at no additional charge. But most people come in with one or more areas they’d like worked on- a sore shoulder, stiff lower back or tight hamstrings- and little idea what technique will be best for them.

Also our Massage Therapists are trained in performing neuro-muscular re-education, since we are part of an exceptional medical office.

Massage Massage (per person)

  • 55 minute massage: $90
  • 45 minute massage: $70
  • 25 minute massage: $55
  • 2 Hour Massage: $175
  • 25 minute massage: T-F, 9am-3pm Only $45

Check back here often, since we will be

Please note:

To schedule an appointment, please call our office at (630) 588-0055 and we would be glad to setup a convenient time for you.

Thank you!

8 Responses to MASSAGE

  1. alevit says:

    Today we have a NEW Groupon that came out.
    The special is for 1 massage for $39 or 3 massages for $99
    We would be happy to extend this offer to all our current customers as well. Simply Call us or just come buy and purchase this deal directly from us.

  2. wu says:

    What is included in the deal of 55 inutes massage for $39.oo?

  3. alevit says:

    I am sorry, but we do not have access to the schedule thru this website. Please call us back at 847-588-0055

  4. John says:

    I used my 3 groupon coupons – and thought massages were great that I had on Fridays. Any other offers as I cannot afford the normal costs? Also, what would a 90 minute massage run?

  5. Freddie says:

    On the 3 massage deal can that be shared between multiple people or does 1 person have to use all 3.

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