About Us

This practice has been in business for over 10 years and in August of 2009, this practice received a new face lift. Everything from new furniture to new equipment ensures the best treatment options in addition to exquisite knowledge of Dr. Greenspan, and Arletta DeVries APRN, FNP-C equals to an effective, and professional results.

Family medicine is the medical specialty which provides continuing, comprehensive health care for the individual and family. This medical specialty integrates the biological, clinical, and behavioral sciences. The specialty is three dimensional, combining knowledge and skill with a unique process.

At the center of family medical practice is the patient-physician relationship with the patient viewed in the context of the family.

It is the extent to which this relationship is valued, developed, nurtured and maintained that distinguishes family medicine from all other medical specialties.

The family physician functions as the patient’s means of entry into our integrative medical practice. The family physician’s care is both personal and comprehensive and not limited by age, sex, organ system, or type of problem, be it biological, behavioral, or social. This care is based on knowledge of the patient in the context of the family and the community, emphasizing disease prevention and health promotion. Above all, the scope of family medicine is dynamic, expanding, and evolutionary.

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